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Configuration Management choices/when using Unity container with xml configuration.


As per user suggestion: See discussion ThreadId 27803
  1. batch/bulk registration -- having thought about it, this is probably as easy as looping through the types in an assembly. However, might be useful as an idea of how to use the container - i.e., are we better off configuring via xml or organizing my assemblies a little better so that our services are grouped together and easy to find via code.
  2. configuration files -- Im not at all familiar with the entlib configuration block (so I guess for me this would be a good place to learn about it). My concern is that 1000 line xml files will introduce more friction than needed in my process, so whats the recommended way to deal with that.
    Probably what I have suggested may be more along the lines of best practices and "why" as opposed to a quick start, but I for one would be very thankful for a quick start that answered these questions as opposed to yet another "heres a three page, two component basic blog" example.